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Free & Anonymous Snapchat Downloads with YTD!

While Snaps may disappear, your favorite Snapchat story doesn't have to. With YTD, you can download someone's Snapchat videos anonymously and rewatch your favorite moments whenever you want, or share with friends, offline, with no compromise on quality!

Here’s Why You Should Save Snapchat Videos With YTD

Snap Your Favorite Snaps With a Link

With YTD, downloading Snapchat videos is as simple as pasting the link in YTD. Our app will then automatically save the video on your device.

Anonymous Story Downloads, No Watermarks Included

YTD saves Snapchat videos without the watermark. Plus, unlike screen recording or in-app saves, YTD doesn’t notify the sender.

Convert Snaps to Any Format (mp3, mp4 & more)

Choose your preferred format and YTD will convert your Snapchat content with its in-app converter. No extra steps needed.

Conserve Your Snapchat Content’s Original Quality (1080p, 4K, 8K)

Say goodbye to compression and artifacting - YTD downloads your favorite snap story in their best available resolution and audio quality.

Download Snaps on PC, Android, iPhone, and macOS

Use a Snapchat downloader that actually works across devices. Save your favorite Snapchat stories whether you’re a PC, Android or iOS user.

Enjoy An Ad-Free Experience with YTD Premium

Join over 10 million satisfied users worldwide and dive into an ad-free downloading experience with YTD Premium. Love it or take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Here’s How to Start Downloading Snapchat Content with YTD

Snapchat doesn't natively allow Snapchat downloads, especially anonymously.
Here's how to use YTD for Snapchat downloads:

Step 1. Install & open YTD on any of your devices (PC or mobile)

Step 2. Copy the Snapchat video URL and paste the link into the input field

Step 3. Choose your video quality (up to 8k)

Step 4. Hit "Download" and wait for the download to complete

Step 5. Find the video in the "Downloads" folder on your device

Harness The Power of YTD Beyond Snapchat

Download Videos From Snapchat + Over 50 Other Websites

YTD is a one-stop-shop. One single app to download videos from over 50 source websites: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more!

Guaranteed Privacy

We don’t track downloads or share data; YTD ensures a secure and anonymous downloading environment for all its users.

Lightning-Fast Downloads

Get your favorite videos and playlists at the fastest possible speed.

Nifty Resume Feature

If you live in an area with slow Internet speeds, YTD ensures a smooth downloading experience by automatically resuming the download even if your Internet connection fails.

Keep Your Video Library Organized

Easily keep track of downloads and converted videos with an advanced activity panel.

Sign Up to YTD Premium To Get The Full Package

Upgrade to YTD Premium for even smoother downloads, no ads, and top-tier support whenever you need it. Plus, if you're not totally happy, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions about YTD Video Downloader

Snapchat doesn’t let users download other's videos natively. However, YTD allows you to download Snapchat videos to your device.

Snapchat doesn't offer this feature natively, but you can bypass these restrictions with a downloader app such as YTD. Snapchat usually notifies the sender if you're screen recording the video they sent you.

No, Snapchat has patched the loophole that allowed users to save videos or screenshot chats secretly using Airplane Mode. Snapchat will notify the user when you reconnect to the internet.

Not natively; however, YTD allows for this possibility.

Technically, Snapchat allows users to download stories, but they'll be stored in the in-app gallery. For a safe and app-free Snapchat video download, you can use a video downloader such as YTD to save content on your device.


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